Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti



Bioteka is financed through the carrying out of programmes, projects and activities, through self-financing activities and with the help of sponsors and donors. Even then, a large part of the work is performed on a voluntary basis.

For instance, did you know that more than 50 experts have volunteered and made contributions to the and portals, willing to share with you their knowledge and enthusiasm about biology and related sciences? Or that 20 volunteers participate each year in Bioteka’s direct STEM education of children and adolescents, while diligently working on the design and implementation of our education programmes in the laboratory, the office or in the field?

Since Bioteka is an organisation that operates with the support of its members and all others who support our work, we invite you to support these praiseworthy activities that are significant for the society as a whole by making a valuable donation. Each contribution means a lot to us and will be used with the best intentions, in order for the Association to develop and progress.

Why donate?

  • By donating, you contribute to the promotion of education, nature and environmental protection, popularisation of science, as well as democratisation and the civil society.
  • By donating, you support the writing and publication of professional popular science news, columns, interviews and original articles in the field of natural sciences.
  • By donating, you ensure the longevity and survival of the association whose work you appreciate.
  • By donating, you support the work of young people who are making a tremendous effort to contribute to the society in which they live by coming up with new ideas and innovative projects.
  • By donating, you gift, and many say that few things in life can compare with that.

What happens to your donation?

As a rule, your donations are used to support the day-to-day functioning of the Association and the development and maintenance of the and portals. However, if you wish, your donation may be used for a specific purpose – for a different project of the Bioteka Association or for a specific activity within the and portals (for instance, if you wish to support new interviews, columns, original articles on a specific topic or an author you like). When making a donation for a specific purpose, be sure to contact us by e-mail and notify us of your wishes.

How to donate?

You may make your donation to the giro account in PBZ bank Zagreb: HR6723400091110426699, SWIFT (BIC): PBZGHR2X. If you have any questions or require more information about the reasons and methods of donation, or if you wish to agree on a specific purpose for your donation, please contact us via e-mail at:

We sincerely thank you for your support and assistance!

General information

Bioteka – association for promotion of biology and related sciences
Address: Vladimira Preloga 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Bank Account Number: HR6723400091110426699, PBZ bank d.d.

Founded in 2010.