Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti



Are you interested in learning, independent work and teamwork in activities regarding nature and environmental protection, popularisation of science and/or STEM? Do you believe that you can use your knowledge, skills and good will to contribute to democratisation and the development of a civil society? Have you graduated from or finished a science or related faculty or secondary school and wish to meet persons who think alike? Are you interested in learning about how you can contribute to the development of society and change habits or erroneous practices in regard to treatment of environmental and natural resources? Do you believe that our laws or their implementation are not good and that a change can and should be effected through organised effort?

Join the Bioteka Association! Becoming a member is simple and quick, and the Association is full of people interested in the above topics. If you wish to become a member, contact us!


Learn more about becoming a member (Excerpt from the Articles of Association):

Any adult natural person and any legal person operating in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and abroad may become a member of the Association.

Membership in the Association is voluntary for all persons accepting the principles of operation and objectives of the Association, as well as other provisions of the Articles of Association. Membership may be regular, supporting or honorary.

A regular member is an active member with the full scope of rights and obligations provided in the Articles of Association.

A supporting member is any person that supports the principles of operation and objectives of the Association, as well as other provisions of the Articles of Association, but cannot actively participate in the work of the Association’s bodies due to other obligations, place of residence, illness or other circumstances.

A person whose public or private work promotes the objectives promoted by the Association may be given the title of honorary member of the Association.

A person that wants to become a member of the Association must submit a written request in print or electronic form and pay the membership fee.

General information

Bioteka – association for promotion of biology and related sciences
Address: Vladimira Preloga 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Bank Account Number: HR6723400091110426699, PBZ bank d.d.

Founded in 2010.