Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti

Information programme

The information programme aims to inform, educate and raise awareness, as well as to increase the level of scientific and ecological literacy of the public via the Association’s web portals. The content, approach and style of the web portals covers all age groups (children, adolescents and adults). The web portals are two of the Association’s longest lasting projects with national importance

The portals cover scientific disciplines in which the Association is the most competent (biology, ecology, nature protection, evolution, environmental protection, food and agriculture, anthropology, energy and sustainable development, climate and global warming, biochemistry, medicine, psychology and human health). Through their work over the years, they have brought together more than 50 experts from different fields of natural, social and technical sciences.

Through our committed work on developing the information programme, we aim to:

Build new and retain the existing base of readers, associates, volunteers and writers of articles, as well as add to the text database on the portals by acting in accordance with the principle of accurate and objective interpretation of scientific and professional information at the highest level of quality;

Have an effect on the increase of participation of scientists in the public space, since we believe that the effect of this group of people on democratisation and education of the society is still too small; the portals offer a platform for that process to occur in a high-quality manner;

Deal with topics that address the current scientific, educational and environmental policies and promote environmental action based on professional and scientific knowledge and evidence;

Encourage people to participate in different activities relating to nature and environmental protection, sustainable development and energy efficiency, as well as activities improving the quality of life and health of people;

Publish articles that stimulate learning, critical and analytical thinking and that elevate the level of competence of the public, in particular of children and adolescents, in regard to understanding the difference between high-quality and low-quality content on the web

General information

Bioteka – association for promotion of biology and related sciences
Address: Vladimira Preloga 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Bank Account Number: HR6723400091110426699, PBZ bank d.d.

Founded in 2010.