Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti

Bioteka’s field researchers

A project in which around 20 primary school children explore nature and the environment – in nature! – on Saturday mornings. Each time in a different environment, and often on the slopes of Medvednica, these researchers search for fossils, examine the quality of air and water, learn about the biodiversity of the area and the rules of field research and spending time in nature, as well as participate in many other spontaneous events, as is common in such surroundings. In this adventure, children are accompanied by the educator Antonio and his diligent, faithful group of volunteers!


LORA – sustainable development laboratory

“LORA – sustainable development laboratory” is a project in which education programmes regarding sustainable development are created and implemented in an innovative way for primary schools and civil society organisations (CSOs). Programmes will be formed and realised through the partnership of the Bioteka, BIOM and Hyla associations and the Borovje primary school from Zagreb, with the cooperation of 20 primary schools from all counties of the Republic of Croatia. One of the results of the project is that each of the 20 schools will develop its own unique education programme, based on the specific needs and requirements of each primary school.


Active youth in environmental protection

The “Active youth in nature and environmental protection” project deals with matters of activity and interest among adolescents in regard to nature and environmental protection. The main objective of the project is to encourage young people to perform independent research, project, activist and/or environmental work in local communities with the aim of resolving existing environmental or nature protection issues, with the mentorship of the Bioteka Association for the entire duration of independent work.


PANDA – project-oriented teaching for gifted children

PANDA project-oriented teaching is an innovative project which, in the synergy of the civil, public and private sector, carries out activities and methods of working with gifted primary school children. The objective of the project is to ensure the availability of relevant, contemporary and creative research work as an addition to the school curriculum, and to introduce science and related topics in the system of non-institutional education through learning about experimental scientific work.


Camps in the Učka Nature Park 2018-2020

The BIOM and Bioteka associations have organised several volunteer and bird-ringing camps in the Učka Nature Park from 2018 to 2020, as part of the Učka 360⁰ project. The objective of bird-ringing camps is to track the autumn migration of birds and to educate visitors about bird species and their habitats, while the aim of volunteer camps is to restore meadows to their original condition through clearing overgrown grasslands and to provide shelter for wild species through direct conservation activities, as well as to encourage people to connect with nature and become involved in its protection. portal – the online side of nature

The Association’s web portal designed for informing citizens about topics in the field of biology and related sciences: nature and environmental protection, ecology, climatology, medicine, psychology, sociology, health and nutrition, etc. portal

Educational web portal for children and adolescents about topics in the field of biology, evolution, geology, nature and environmental protection, health and nutrition and promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development, with interactive learning of contents on the portal.

In the company of microbes

The project leader is the Croatian Microbiological Society (CMS), and the main objective is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable learning programmes useful for the community and to improve the students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills through active participation and practical experience.

The hungry and thirsty laboratory

The purpose of this project, carried out in cooperation with primary schools in the Krka river basin, is to educate children on the quality and quantity of waters in the Republic of Croatia, with special emphasis on the Krka river. In the project, the participants are introduced to the natural resources of water habitats and the great biodiversity of such areas.

Unlock the secrets of the living world

The objective of the project is to learn about the biodiversity of the local habitat and to discover the ways in which we can contribute to its protection and conservation. During this field education, the participants work in small teams and learn about the identification and evolutionary adaptations of different biological groups with identification keys appropriate for their age group; they also learn about observation techniques and techniques for capturing animals and tracking them. The project is part of the “Bioteka on the move” programme and is intended for primary school children across the country.

Summer and winter STEaM and science camps

The camps are designed for primary school children, among other things in order for every child to personally experience and research what it is like to be a scientist in the mobile field laboratory, a marine biologist discovering the depths of the Adriatic Sea or an explorer finding a solution to the problem of plastics in the sea.

Become a researcher for a day!

Scientific workshops, i.e. experiments are carried out as part of activities of the project “Become a researcher for a day!”, where each participant has the opportunity to become familiar with basic laboratory equipment and conduct an experiment on their own



STEM workshops

This project teaches the participants to think critically and analytically in a fun and educational way. These are extremely important skills for their further life and progress since they are taught how to solve problems. We also focus on modern teaching and didactic methods and the psychology of learning, which results in the development of curious children who wish to integrate and apply knowledge from the field of natural science, engineering and computer science, mathematics, nature and environmental protection and use of technology, while at the same time encouraging the development of self-esteem, patience, precision, individual work and teamwork.

AKTIV – education of children about the environment and nature

Educational project activities are carried out as a series of educational, fun and problem-based DIY activities in nature. The greatest attention is given to informing and teaching about management, sustainable use and protection of the environment and nature, with special emphasis on the interaction between flora, fauna and man, and their influence on climate change.

Completed projects / selection


MINT Exchange 2014-2017, Erasmus+

Starting in 2014, the Bioteka Association was part of an international project in which organisations from four countries participated: Great Britain, Germany, France and Croatia. The…

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Completed project Citizen scientists!

The Bioteka Association is carrying out the final activities in cooperation with partners from the Tragus Association and the network of citizen scientists in the project…

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Bringing experiments to schools!

The “Bringing experiments to schools!” project enabled primary school children to research topics from the field of natural sciences through practical work, i.e. through experiments thematically…

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Young Buzet inhabitants learned about water protection in karstic terrain!

At the end of May, the science and education centre Speleo Kuća in Vodice (Lanišće municipality) brought together the children attending the Grdelin kindergarten, the students…

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PARQ project carried out!

After the first presentation of the “PARQ – an interactive guide through the Brijuni National Park” project at this year’s…

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Sustainable development – Youth exchange

At the end of 2012, members of the Bioteka Association started cooperating on another project from the Youth in Action…

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Eco-Lifestyle in Practice – Youth exchange

The topic of the project was the application of basic ecological principles in everyday life, which 30 young Europeans learned…

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