Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti

About us

Who are we?

We specialise in bringing scientific language, methods and facts to the wider public. Our work on connecting science and society includes educational, popular science, field, volunteer and research activities, as well as initiatives for raising the public’s awareness of topics in the field of natural sciences, nature and environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development.

Bioteka continually promotes critical thought, science, modern teaching methods, active citizenship, sustainable development and implementation of nature-based solutions. In addition to the above, we are active in dissemination of scientific information and STEM education for persons of all ages and education levels across the EU.

We cooperate with scientists, educational institutions and the private sector, we organise work with volunteers, and we conduct professional research in the field of biology and nature/environmental protection.

What makes us recognisable?

Since its founding in 2010, the Association has carried out more than 70 projects improving the quality of STEM education; offering research- and project-oriented as well as problem-based learning in accordance with modern teaching methods; including children, adolescents and the public in projects for nature and environmental protection; advocating an analytical, critical, and informed approach to problem solving; encouraging cross-sector cooperation; sharing knowledge about effective education methods; contributing to sustainable development; as well as empowering local communities to drive positive social changes.

We are recognised at the national level thanks to our web portals (for adults) and (for children and adolescents), as well as thanks to our Education Programme including the organisation of STEM workshops during the entire school year (, summer and winter STEAM camps and the travelling concept of “Bioteka on the move,” which brings scientific workshops to primary school children across the country.

Team members

The Association’s management, members and employees are highly educated, competent professionals with multiannual experience in scientific research and teaching, whose work actively contributes to the development of the civil society and the solution of specific social issues

Jelena Likić
Kristina Duvnjak
Stjepan Novosel
Katarina Horvat
Saša Šuštar Kezele

Openness and transparency of operations

The Articles of Association with the objectives, activities, data on becoming a member, bodies of the Association, as well as annual activity reports and financial statements, operational and strategic plans and other official documents of the Association may be accessed in the documents section.

Donators and sponsors


Association Bioteka is a beneficiary of the financial support by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

General information

Bioteka – association for promotion of biology and related scienes
Address: Vladimira Preloga 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Bank Account Number: HR6723400091110426699, PBZ bank d.d.

Founded in 2010.


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